Hatsukimono - Belt

Nishijin Fabric / Belt  (Hatsukimono - Belt)

The Nishijin fabric in Kyoto is famous for its high quality fabrics. This is combined with Tochigi leather, which is known as the best leather in Japan. Our products are all handmade from silk The Nishijin fabric and genuine leather.

The entire process, from mounting materials and finishing the product to inspection and packing, is carried out in Japan.

Japanese Traditional Craft: Nishijin Fabric in Kyoto

The origins of the Nishijin fabric date back to the 5th and 6th centuries. Top-notch artisans from a textile company that has been in business for over 100 years finish our products by hand.

Silk Strips, Each One Finished Carefully

Known for its unique luster, the silk used to produce the Nishijin fabric is produced from silkworms. This is then finished on a special wooden loom. Even a skilled craftsman can weave only 10 cm’s worth of the Nishijin fabric in an hour.

High-Grade Genuine Leather – Tochigi Leather

The Tochigi leather is a natural leather manufactured by Tochigi Leather Co. Only products that have been produced with the Tochigi leather are allowed to use this exclusive tag (manufacturing certificate) issued by Tochigi Leather Corporation as proof of the brand.

Color Varieties

Great for formal occasions such as business, or casual occasions such as dinner with friends or a date.

Making every occasion a perfect one.

Circle (Black)

Circle (Orange)

Product Details

The Sides

Made with a great amount of the Nishijin fabric for a soothing look.

The Belt Holes

The belt holes are made of genuine leather for durability.


You can adjust the belt to your own size by removing the clasp and cutting it with scissors to fit your waist.


Delivered to you in a luxurious black box.

Product Details:Size and Weight

Brand Hatsukimono
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Material Nishijin fabric (100% pure silk)

Genuine cow leather (Tochigi leather)

Size Total length 115 cm(45.3 inch), width 3.5 cm(1.4 inch)
Thickness About 4 mm(5/32 inch)
Waist size 92 – 102 cm(36.2 – 40.2 inch)
Weight 152g(5.4oz)

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